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Well, thanks for reading this far. I guess you want to know more, or perhaps you just skipped to the end. Either way is cool.

I am a highly skilled UX designer and front-end developer that understands web standards, progressive enhancement techniques, cutting-edge coding best practices and responsive design principles.

I've been building websites since 1997. I guess that makes me older than Google.

I'm happiest working alongside teams of smart, like-minded designers and developers building simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. But I'm just as happy flying solo.

I'm also a father to a wonderful nine year old son.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of my key skills:

  • Coding lean, modular HTML, CSS and JavaScript (mostly with jQuery) for massive site deployments
  • Accessible, standards-based code with maximum cross-browser compatibility
  • CSS optimisation for large scale, high traffic sites
  • Working alongside other developers in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Integrating front-end code with various server technologies including PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET
  • Working with many CMS solutions including Umbraco, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Immediacy, Drupal and anything else the web can throw at me

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