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Rosemary Ferguson


Rosemary Ferguson is a former model, now practising naturopath and nutritionist, who needed a website to promote her new book and showcase her recipes. Working with Patron I built a bespoke CMS, based on WordPress, that allows Rosemary to easily upload stories, recipes and videos to share with her audience.

Bespoke responsive design

Rosemary's site features a dynamic article grid which loads in new posts and stories automatically via AJAX, responding to category and paging navigation. All of this driven by a bespoke CMS built on top of WordPress and ACF.

Rosemary Ferguson homepage
Rosemary Ferguson on various devices
Rosemary Ferguson homepage

Perfectly adapted

Slick navigation and content perfectly adapted to the context and device. A lot of time went into testing and refining the layout and flow of Rosemary's design to ensure it worked smoothly in all situtations.

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